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Monday, June 23, 2014

"The vultures are preparing for their feast." The LORD (YHWH) spoke this to us Sunday, June 22, 2014. With all that is occurring in the Middle East and around the world this should come as no surprise. To read and/or listen to this end time "Word of the LORD" (and more) visit our website @ 
"He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." 

June 22, 2014, "Word of the LORD" through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker
“The storm clouds have gathered. The vultures are preparing for their feast. For a dark time is coming on the world, on those who have rejected Me, on those who have gone onto a different path, for those who seek to be called by My name and seek to include Me but yet they walk on their own. For it is the time the devourer is coming into the earth, and he will release many things, even as I give him the power to do this, for he can do nothing on his own except I grant him the privilege. Yet in all these things there is that separation, for the tares have grown up with the wheat and I am beginning to remove the tares, for I am letting them be exposed and I will come and draw them out, says the LORD, for it is My will and My work that you are seeing come to pass. 
“For the world, the path will be dark, for the world the path will be confusion, for the world the path will even be destruction to the uttermost, but for My people, says God, I shall let My light shine upon My people, and My people shall walk in a glory. For they shall learn what it is to walk in faith, and they will learn what it is to walk in the power of My resurrection. For the things that they’ve read in My word, the things that they have sung about, and the things they have declared with their mouth, they shall see these things come to pass, for a thousand shall fall at your right hand and ten thousand on your left hand yet it will not come nigh you, says God. For I have separated My people, and I have lifted them up, and I’ve drawn them out, and I have separated them, and there is a barrier between the world and My chosen ones, says God. For I have chosen you out of these things, and I’ve chosen you to walk in My glory, and I’ve chosen you to walk upright before Me, says God, and My people shall do that, for even the division, even the darkness would come and deceive those who are not walking in the light. But if you walk in the light, says God, you will not have darkness. For that which even seems shadowy for you shall disappear. For it shall be clear to you which way to walk, for I am revealing Myself in these days, says God. And there will be those who cry to the rocks to cover them up, but My people will cry out unto Me, says God, and I will display Myself on their behalf, and I will show Myself strong on their behalf. So, yea, though the dark days come, do not let them overcome you. Do not succumb to the panic that is going to strike upon the earth, but look to My Spirit, says God, for I will lead thee, and I will guide thee, and I shall be with you even during the storms, says God. 

“This is not the day to draw back. This is not the day to pick up small offences. This is not the day to lightly, to lightly deal with the assembling of yourselves together. For in that joining I will quicken My people and I will draw you unto Myself that you shall not be moved. For My stabilizer, Jesus, will live among you and He will be revealed and those who know Me will walk with Me, says the LORD. But don’t draw back, don’t draw back, but boldly, boldly, come before My throne that you may receive the grace, for this is a time of much grace as well as destruction. It is the time of the outpouring that you’ve prayed for, that you’ve longed for, that you’ve looked for. It is that time of outpouring of My grace upon the earth, that those who would call on My name would be saved, for they shall enter into things and they shall enter into the giftings, that others have said (pause) and longed for and have not received that these new ones, they shall walk in them. For they have come out of the darkness and they’re walking in the light, and there is no confusion in them, and I will use them, the babes, to lead those who consider themselves to be wise and I shall exalt them in this day, says the LORD, for they shall know Me, because I am their deliverer.